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Ludo is a classic strategy multiplayer board game for 2-4 players, each player has 4 tokens. The first player to land all 4 tokens to the finish line wins. After one player wins, other players can still continue the game.

🎲Take-off Condition: Players can set a roll of 2/4/6 or 5/6 or 6 as the take-off condition. When the player rolls the points of the set take-off condition, a token can be moved from the apron to the board.

⭐️Consecutive Roll Rewards:
1. When the player rolls a 6, he can roll the dice again.
2. If a player rolls a 6 consecutively 3 times in a round, the last 6 cannot move, the round ends and the next player turns to move.
3. When a player has a plane that flies to the end or hits another player's plane back to the tarmac, he can roll the dice again.
Safety point: The position of the five-pointed star is the safety point. The tokens on the safety point will not be hit by other players' tokens. The safety point has nothing to do with the color.

✈️How to play - Ludo:
1. Tap to roll the dice
2. Select your token to move.
3. You can move out the token if you roll 6.
4. Kill others token.
5. There are safe spots where token can't be killed.

✈️ FEATURES of Online/Offline Ludo Kingdom:
★Different variations: Classic, Battle, Ludo
★2, 3 and 4 Multiplayer Real-Time Ludo
★Powerful AI free to being there with you
★Free to play with people around the world
★Freely select game roles: 1-3 AI players
★Option to get different points to take off
★Memorable theme, user-friendly interface
★Off/online Flying Chess, Nice Sound Effects
★Auto save game procedure. ALL FOR FREE

📍Note: The final objective is to take all token to home. Please use all your wisdom and luck to win the final victory! Don't wait any further, get the dice rolling to be a ludo king!

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